Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Guest Post out West

1. Another Canadian Catholic blogger interested in this whole project, Practicing Mammal, asked me to do a guest post explaining my motivation on her blog. Check it out!

2. I am very busy at the moment - a good busy, but I have wanted to post some thoughts on a movie I saw the other day - Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, filmed in 1956. I really enjoyed it. Why don't you check the movie out, so that we'll be able to discuss it in a day or two? (I saw it on Netflix.)

3. I also want to make some observations on some interesting comments that appeared in the student evaluations of my Fall courses that I finally had a glance at the other day. The human race is intriguing.

4. Finally, a recommendation. You have probably been thinking to yourself,

"Gosh, I want to know more about St. Thomas Aquinas, but in between laundry, euchre tournaments and games of t.v. tag (remember that game!?), I just don't have the time to read all 4000 articles of the Summa Theologica, supporting commentary, and the latest biographical studies!"

Well, here at thetheologyofdad we are all about solutions. I have one for your exact conundrum. I cannot more highly recommend the text I have been using this year for my "Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas" course:

Don't forget to keep sending me your Canadian Catholic blog suggestions!


  1. Me, a laywoman, reading Thomas Aquinas:

    First, I have to remember the meaning of all the fancy words in the sentence. That can take a minute or two.

    Then I spend another minute or two figuring out what the sentence means.

    Then I have to figure out what the paragraph means.


    It`s a very labourious process. :)

  2. It sounds like you need to come to Barry's Bay, to OLSWA, the authentic home of world-wide Thomistic studies, to take a crash course!