Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holy Family, New Year's Day - Mary, Mother of God

A two year tradition now. We spent the last day of the year of with His Grace, Archbishop Prendergast, at his residence. We had a great time with him!

Here are some pictures of that. If you care to see a few more, make sure you visit His Grace's blog.

As you will be able to determine partially from these pictures, we were present at the Bishop's mass, then lunch, an afternoon, which included a walk to the Parliament Buildings, dinner, and a nice conversation. The two last pictures were taken in the Chateau Laurier, into which we retreated for respite from the cold. It is really neat in there. Its lobby constitutes something of a destination in itself. My favourite thing there was the extensive collection of soapstone carvings they have both on display and for sale in a store there.

The next day, after breakfast with the Archbishop, we made our way to our good friends', the Murphys'. The Murphys have been our friends since about 1998: I have known them almost as long as I have known Anne-Marie. Peter - one of the most intelligent and faithful people I know - is the Assistant Director of COLF in Ottawa. Melody - one of the most patient and tolerant and funny people I know - takes care of their three wonderful children: Agnes (our god daughter), Leo and Greggory. It was so mice catching up with them and with His Grace.

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