Monday, January 23, 2012

Canadian Content

American Catholics have everything to teach us, save how to live as Christians under a socialist regime. That we have to teach them. But in all other things, we look south, and rightly so.

American Catholics have all the blogging fun too. But there is no reason why we cannot do what they do: have fun, express ourselves, build cyber community. And, you know what, once we get going, I think we can do it even better than they do, because we have a special asset: we are less stuffy than they are. For as much as Americans would want to understand themselves as innovative and their manner loose and unconventional, they are stuffier than we are.

So, I think, perhaps one day we would have an even greater cyber community than they have, featuring our own brand of Jennifer Fulwilers, Fr. Philip Neri Powells, Mark Sheas and Thomas Peterses... After all, we already have the greatest popular Catholic writer today in the English language right here in Canada - Fr. Raymond de Souza. Since the death of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus there has not arisen greater.

For my part, I want to aid this development in two ways...

1) More reflection on Canadian ecclesiastical issues. For instance, I hear that my post about the Cardinal-elect has created a bit of a stir in the upper echelons of the Church in Canada. I find that very humorous, principally because it was on the whole laudatory of His Eminence-to-be. It was an honest reflection by a man who loves the Church, is sympathetic to human frailty, especially that of the clergy, by a man who was stung and yet forgiving and inquiring. I guess no one dares to talk about these things in a forum like this one, and in as balanced and as searching a manner as the one I attempt to provide here, so to merely mention the unmentioned comes to be seen as mentioning the unmentionable. (After all, the only ones who mention anything are the good folks at LifeSite, and they often do so in an unmentionable manner.) I think there is a place for polite and yet pointed discussion that is neither saccharine nor rude.

2) Build up some kind of database of specifically Canadian Catholic blogs. I do not think one exists. But if any of my readers know of one, even if it's outdated, please let me know. Of course, there is the general, USA-centred one.

So I will try to do my best on these two fronts because the Church in Canada is too much fun to let go by unblogged.

And, for my part, I promise to commit no evil of excess: that is, to praise evil in the name of canadianism or to blame the good out of some misplaced zeal and self-righteousness.


  1. You are correct that we need good bloggers in Canada. I try to find them and feature them in Catholic Canada (founded 1995). I will soon have a presence on Facebook and on Twitter. If anybody can recommend good Canadian bloggers, please let me know at Father W. T. Sehl

      God bless

  2. Americans are stuffier? That is news to me!

    I would love a more close-knit Canadian Catholic blogosphere.

    I want to get things out in the open.For instance, professional Catholics often treat faithful Catholics like "fundamentalists" even though these professional Catholics are the ones who are not quite orthodox. Can we have an open discussion about that?

    Another example: you ask a bishop or a priest a straightforward question, and you get the runaround. Is anyone straightforward in this church? Does every "sensitive" issue require a political answer?

    Fr. Rosica once called Canadian pro-lifers who opposed Development and Peace "Taliban". It may have been rude and uncharitable, but at least it was honest, for once! It was breathtaking to see someone, anyone, break away from that strained politeness. So now we know what he thinks. Let's have more of that kind of honesty. Because we can't have a real discussion if all we do is "be polite" (how quintessentially Canadian). Ever notice Americans are not as polite as Canadians? :)

  3. Thanks, Father. I will definitely look into your site.

    Suzanne, you make some good points. I get frustrated by the PC-ness too, but we do have to maintain charity also - although the two are not the same at all!

  4. I have been contemplating doing a story on Canadian Catholic blogs, but I'm still in search of a focus or trying to find a way to make it manageable.

    Are there any blogs on the Catholic left in Canada aside from the ones that defend Development and Peace?

    Why don't we have a blog meet some time, for those of us in Eastern Ontario anyway.