Monday, January 23, 2012

Alexandrian Content

This is a prayer I adapted from the Ante-Nicene Fathers' translation of St. Clement of Alexandria's prayer at the end of his great work, The Teacher (which usually goes by the Latin title, Paedagogus). I was put onto it by Pope Benedict's Wednesday Address of April 25th, 2007.

(I significantly altered it; for instance, excising altogether the first several lines.)

In my quest for greater prayers, I present it here:

To the Teacher,

O King, great Giver of good gifts to men,
Lord of the good, Father, Maker of all things,
Who alone made heaven and heaven's adornment,

by Your Divine Word;
Who brought forth the sunshine and the day;
Who appointed to the stars their courses,
And how the earth and sea should keep their places;
And when the seasons, in their circling course,
Winter and summer, spring and autumn,
should come, according to your well-ordered plan;
You, who out of a confused heap created
This ordered sphere, and from the shapeless mass
Of matter did adorn the universe—

Grant to me life, and let this life be well-lived,
enjoying Your grace.

In all things let me act and speak as Your Holy Scriptures teach;
Let me praise forever You and Your co-eternal Word, All-wise,
From You proceeding.

Father, give me neither poverty nor wealth,
but what is good for me in this life,
and happiness at the hour of my death,

And, remember to pray for Christians suffering in Egypt and the Middle East as a whole.

St. Mark's Cathedral (Coptic) in Alexandria.

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