Saturday, December 17, 2011

What a Dr. Kerr Exam Might Look Like.

Just for interest sake - and I can do this because I never reuse exams - here is what the final looked like for my "Augustinian Thought" course.

Overall, the class did fairly well. How do you think you would do?

Augustinian Thought (PHI/THE 270) 2011-12 Final Exam                       

 Name: _________________________________

Answer 7 of the following questions. Write no more than one page per question.

 1. Comment on Augustine’s educational background, and how it equipped him well or ill to be a preacher of the Scriptures.
2. What does Retractations (Revisions) reveal about the evolution of Augustine’s theological understanding?

3. Comment on the literary structure of Confessions.
4. Comment upon Augustine’s relation to the concept ‘nature.’

5. Comment on Augustine’s relation to other Fathers of the Church, both those contemporary with him and those that preceded him.

6. How does the ‘Church’ appear in the writings we have studied?

7. Augustine’s greatest work is __________________. Why?

8. Describe St. Thomas’ theological relationship with St. Augustine.
9. What is Christian Platonism?

10. Comment on the political and social history of the North Africa of Augustine’s time and how it influenced his thought.
11. Why does he criticize the Pelagians? Include as many reasons as you can think of. Are they good criticisms?

12. Describe his epistemology.
13. Describe his teaching on sexuality.


  1. I'm tempted to submit my responses, via email, to see how you would grade me. I feel a C+ comin' on.

  2. I was wondering if you could send me sample answers via email. I am curious too how I would do (I need to brush up on Augustinian Thought) but am more interested in "correct" answers than anything. :)

    If you dont do sample answers, maybe some "best of"?

  3. I am sure I wouldn't pass . . . without attending your course beforehand! I hate exams and the next (and hopefully last) one is sure to be tough. I'll be asking for prayers from everyone I know once I know the date.

  4. Thanks, one and all, for your responses. I feared that someone would ask for answers! My gutt reaction at the end of a long semester is NOOOO, but then I rethought. I will, over the next few days provide 10 out of 10 answers within the specifications of the exam - one page no more, and written within 3 hours. (I am sure it will take no more than an hour once I get to it).

  5. Colin, Why don't you just provide a 'best-of' list of your students' exam answers.

  6. The answers are already in process. I thought about that, Elena, but I am protective of my specialization!


  7. See you at the Christmas concert!

  8. yes see you at the Christmas concert :) can't wait!

  9. I did not write that above, but I share the sentiment.