Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pictures Are What the Holidays Are All About

I just woke up. You come up with a better title under these conditions!

I love Christmas vacation. My big plans for the day: we got about 10 cms of snow last night (Americans, read: 3 to 4 inches) so I should probably shovel that. In addition to that, wash a few dishes, try and stay awake until at least 11 pm (i.e. no napping that, in turn, will make me stay awake until 3 am), continue reading Plutarch's On the Fall of the Roman Republic (very interesting, exciting read), maybe get dressed, definitely brush teeth, maybe comb hair, play a little Plants vs. Zombies, get in my infant's face, wash a few more dishes (mostly cups), eat some sugary cereal (sorry, Elena, glucose is stronger than good advice), probably work out, and perhaps work on my reno (closing in the little porch thing we have on the side of our house (pictures to follow if and when I decide to put boots on.)

So, that is the reason why I love Christmas vacation.

I forget to add blog (and read other people's blogs and surf the net looking for something interesting to read, something not about Newt, or Kim Jong Il, or Barry Obama, or Air Jordans).

Isaiah's eleventh birthday. This is  wonderful picture. Such a loving, joyful family.

A minute before:

Incidentally, the kids are not in their pjs because we like to give them cake right before bed. It was 'Pj Day' at school, which they never had when I was a kid. Darn it. Not that I owned pjs. But I certainly had enough dreams of me showing up at school in just my underwear. Sorry bout that non-festive 'aside.'

Capitalism reigns here, my friends.

Thanks, Grammy, for the new skates! Why don't you come up now and teach him how to skate... it's too hard on my back!

Not sure, but I think this is Bethany Kluke, our little friend. I finally got exactly what I wanted for Christmas!

One of the highlights of the year for me, the kids' Christmas concert. Sarah-Grace is to the left of the guy in the yellow shirt (who, I am told, thinks boogers taste sweet).

I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of Isaiah's class doing some kind of dance. I was laughing too hard. Isaiah is going down the stairs in front of the girl with the
thing on her head. Is it mistletoe? Run, Isaiah, run!

And, of course, Rebecca. She is in the back middle with the red band on her star.

Finally, Christmas punching.


  1. Haha. I have no intention of embarrassing anyone other than my own children in this blog.