Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Vignettes

Lots of big family events recently.

The Toronto Kerrs made their yearly Thanksgiving pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Barry's Bay:

The Ego te baptizo, Lauren Mary Anne Kerr

 Lauren's godparents, Paul and Mary Anne Kluke:

We were blessed to have our dear friend, Fr. Joseph Hattie, who is now living in Barry's Bay as an OLSWA chaplain, baptize Lauren.

This week Rebecca celebrated her 7th the same day I celebrated my 37th birthday:

In case you were wondering what my shirt says:

The people have spoken. I think my mother agrees.


  1. What a great shirt. Amazing to see Paul in a suit. Lauren is so cute. All looks well around those parts - good.

  2. My favourite gift!
    Yes, Paul fills it out well.
    We are all well - hope you are too!