Thursday, October 27, 2011

Development and Peace Hilarity!

Almost unprecedentedly in contemporary Canadian Catholicism, assembled armies have come out of hiding and begun to take pot-shots at each other. This is a refreshing change of tactic within a milieu that is ingeniously adept at circumambulation. We owe it all to LifeSiteNews, for better or ill, mostly for better. They have played a Catholic W-5 on D & P, and, to - I imagine - the chagrin of the CCCB damage-controllers, the most significant recent development is that - apparently - some of the lay staff of D & P have played right into LifeSite's hands by setting their position out so clearly.

I have several friends on the inside in all of this, but be assured, I neither asked for insider info in any of what follows, nor would these people of deep integrity have told me had I asked. What follows is all and only the brain child of thetheologyofdad.

I have to say that my old seminary rector, Archbishop Collins, is distinguishing himself as the great patriarch the papacy had obviously always hoped he would be here. In the midst of all the wrangling, from his episcopal colleagues on the one side - the Bishops of Calgary and Edmonton, especially, to the D & P staff and that weird Quebec priest, to LifeSiteNews, he simply says in so many words, 'I will do what I will do.' Who wouldn't admire that?

You have to remember that the Archdiocese of Toronto makes up in itself a large percentage of the total Canadian Catholic population. It is by far the most populous and wealthiest diocese in the country. What it decides matters. So, when that prelate says that he will continue to exercise oversight over the distribution of moneys collected in his churches, which, he has said repeatedly, will include distribution only to organizations approved of by the bishop in whose diocese these organizations reside, this amounts to a blatant contradiction of those D & P bishops who have said, "Hey, just trust us, man." In effect, the Archbishop of Toronto has said, "No, dude, I will trust my own due diligence."

Not to put words into his mouth, but does not this amount to: "I agree fully with the findings of LifeSite regarding those organizations they have identified as supporting abortion"? And, "Anyone who would act like the D & P staff who are launching an all-out attack against LifeSite are wrong to do so and working against the Church"?

The only questions that remain are:

1) Are these staff members who have come out against LifeSite stupid in their imprudence?

2) When are they going to get fired? - which they clearly deserve because,

(a) they are implying that they would continue to act as they have been despite being condemned by the great bishops (Collins, Prendergast, Currie, to name a few),

(b) stupid imprudence is a grounds for termination in any job at any time.

Yet, if my reading of the stances adopted by the CCCB's new prez and the new Overseer of D & P, Smith and Henry respectively, is correct, the answer to my question #2 is: not any time soon, because, 'Hey, you can trust us, man!'

No body trusts D & P anymore, nor would anyone trust bishops who made no changes in personnel in that organization. An organization that is trying to raise money to support a priest who is suing the organization that exposed that original organization's departure from its mandate is not trustworthy.

If I am incorrect, and significant personnel changes have been made to D & P, then I stand corrected, but still, the bishops - Henry and Smith - should come and say a great deal more than, 'Hey, man, just trust us.' If these things have not, in fact, occurred we shall have to simply echo Archbishop Collin's,

No, I don't trust you.

For the record, Bishop Henry's position is expressed here.

As for Archbishop Smith, it is unfortunate that a scion of the Archdiocese of Halifax should have pulled a Rosica* and taken a page out of the "Enemies of the Church" book, the 1990 printed version. There is a more contemporary edition out in stores now. Pick up a copy. Their Graces, Collins and Prendergast have read it. If there was such a book, it would look an awful lot like this and this. D & P is in a state of crisis. You've got to recognize that they've been exposed. Yes, conservatives are often very annoying. Those at LifeSite just happen to be 100% correct on this issue. You can't put the genie back in the bottle, Your Grace.

* "Pulling a Rosica" is a registered trademark of Any unauthorized use of this term will result in legal action.


  1. "An organization that is trying to raise money to support a priest who is suing the organization that exposed that original organization's departure from its mandate is not trustworthy."

    That's a great line, Colin. One of your best posts yet. (But can you please change the word "hack" to "back" in the last sentence? Just for me?)

  2. You know that the little grammar voice in the back of my head sounds a lot like a professor friend of mine...