Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've been swamped with new babydom, end of summer, kids starting school, me starting teaching again.

TBTB - Too busy to blog.

Anne-Marie had her 35th birthday! Lauren had her third-week birthday!

Both mother and baby are doing very well.

I am actually getting good vibes from my students so far. Did I say that last year at this time? I am quite optimistic about the classes I am offering. I think I have organized them well, and that they should be a positive experience for both instructor and students.

I am living in a world of humanity, I have concluded. Everywhere I turn human life is happening. That's what you get with a wife and five children, I guess. It's not always pleasant, but it is real. Since it is a gift from God it's overall purpose must be salutary.

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