Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twelfth Anniversary, A Few Days Early

No baby yet.

But in expectation of the coming newcomer, we decided to celebrate our anniversary a few days early. Inevitably we get a picture to mark the occasion.

Anne-Marie is as lovely as ever! And in really good spirits as the delivery date dawns ever closer.

My thoughts on marriage at the moment.

A wife is the person whose dignity, happiness and beauty you preserve and care for unrelentingly. I'm just glad that I want to do this. It's a vocation; it's a privilege.

Stevo wanted to get in on the pictures, so here's a few of him:


P.S. We finally decided on a boy's name. Determining what it should be was the most emotionally exhausting experience of my life. You'll find out what it is if it's a boy... Hint: it's not Irenaeus :(


One last bit of advice: in your garden next summer, grow lettuce. When I think of how much money we spend buying those bags of salad over the winter...


  1. My goodness, she is a beautiful, stunning lady! I'm gonna have another baby just to borrow that dress...
    p.s. we kept the phone in the hall last night just in case it rang in the middle of the night; instead, it rang at 7am when Dave's dad phoned.

  2. To tell you that your mom is in labour?!

    p.s. Anne-Marie said you can borrow the dress. (How does Dave feel about pregnancy for sake of a dress?)