Monday, July 18, 2011

Happiness, Peace, Tension, Waiting

It's a funny thing, being a prof., in a small town, in a small, summer tourism-based town, with four children, while waiting for number five to join us sometime in the next few weeks.

Barry's Bay is the most beautiful town in the world. In the summer it's hard to deny. Some people get to live in vacation spots, like people who live in Hawaii, Fiji or whatnot. People in Barry's Bay get to share that experience for about two or three months a year without going anywhere. And they deserve it. We endure a very harsh winter and an overall depressed economy. I don't know what the average family income is here, but I'm sure it's well below my native Dartmouth, Nova Scotia's $70,000, or Oakville, Ontario's (where I lived for a year and a half) of >$100,000.

As a prof. my summers are a little bit more relaxed than some people's. Not that I don't work. I work all the time, but it's generally according to my own schedule, which, if you are a 9-to-5er you know is kind of a luxury. That's one of the reasons why I got into this industry. I liked my dad's pace of life as a researcher/prof. I absolutely detested life in grade school: waking up every morning at 7:30 to get to school by 8:30, etc. I dreaded the thought of doing something like that as an adult. At OLSWA we still have meetings, I still do work as the school's librarian, I still do class prep., but even better, I get to focus on my research interests. Reading and writing is the best and the hardest part of my job.

My family, of course, finds itself in one of those times of waiting. We've done it four times already, but it changes every time. This time with Anne-Marie and I are four others waiting as well. This time we have a ten-year-old, a nine-year-old, and a six-year-old consciously waiting with us. The almost-three-year-old is in his own world, naturally. Anne-Marie and I have our mixed feelings, naturally, as we contemplate disturbed sleeps, crying baby, etc. The children just have excitement. That's the blessedness of childhood. A time free from anxiety. But regardless of the differences, we are all in it together. And togetherness is the best thing of all.

About three-and-a-half years ago we got the "Walmart family Christmas picture" done. Getting it done was a frustrating experience - surprise, surprise - but there it sits now as a treasured artifact on the wall of our living room. But minus two people. (Stephen was in utero.) We hope to get another one done this year. Won't it be wonderful to add these two guys?! But they aren't added as numbers. They are added as beautiful human beings, fully incorporated into the happiness, peace, tension and waiting of the Kerr family.


  1. Beautiful post. And, so that you know that you have many supporters, we are also anxiously waiting the next Kerr baby.

  2. Of that we are certain! Knowing it helps immensely.

  3. Hi Colin, you have anxious supporters here in your native Nova Scotia, too! We're praying for you and Anne-Marie and while we're in Barry's Bay (early August) we are happy to drop off meals to you guys. We'll be on vacation so we naturally should be the ones to help out. Also, we have a large box of newborn diapers (over 100 I think) that we never opened because Isaiah had outgrown them when we received them as a gift. So don't buy any, because they're on their way to you.

    Again, prayers, blessings and excited waiting coming your way!

  4. thanks, Jenna! Imagine, cooking for someone on vacation!

    My friends are too nice. I have to find some greedy, cranky pals.