Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have wanted to write on this topic but new I hadn't much insightful to add. I never enjoyed listening to him; I didn't like the sound of his voice, and the fact that he dealt with catechetical commonplaces (in my opinion). But I did admire him. I have a very sober view of human nature - we are all just a little too fat and a little too lazy to be murderers, rapists and thieves, and that is all. Take away the food, and we'll be just like the Sudan. In other words, sin does not surprise me; it's what we do. Nevertheless, when the accusations first emerged vs. Corapi I did not believe them. He was too hardcore, but not in that spit-and-polish way that made me weary of the Legionaries. He was hardcore but also rough-around-the-edges, and that was a combination that set me at ease - only because I have a similar aspect in my personality. Rough-around-the-edges means to me that someone is in touch with their humanity. He spoke about his human past too: his drug and sex life. Those were all healthy signs, in my opinion.

I have known pedophiles and their victims. I have known countless schizophrenics, people with manic-depression, depression, alcoholism and a million other infirmities. I don't care what kind of thing you are dealing with. Dealing with. Dealing with. The capital sins to me are self-righteousness, self-confidence, vanity, you know, those kind of perfect-people sins. In this light, what has really bothered me about the Corapi stuff - first, knowing that my wife loved him - is facing the lies and the indignation he threw at us over the past few weeks once he realized that the jig was up and that he had to restack the deck. I am not one of those guys who thinks you owe strangers explanations. I never met Brittany Spears, Congressman Weiner, Mel Gibson, nor Corapi. They don't owe me an explanation or an apology for anything they have ever done. In fact, I don't want one. I don't want Corapi to apologize; I want him to take his addictions and sins seriously, fade into the background and ask God to 'fix him.' That is all; nothing more.

Anyway, let me close this by pointing out what is in my opinion the best account so far of the 'how' of all of this, by Fr. Longenecker.


  1. Hey Colin,

    Just bumped into your blog after looking for book The Defilers. Was pleasantly surprised to read your assessment of Legionairies being too into "worldly" status....and then I find this way-off assessment of the Corapi situation and well...nobody's perfect! Will have a look in from time to time. Perhaps future news in the Corapi case will clear your head. ;*) Hope so. Read the comments in the Longenecker post you linked to. You'll note the intelligent, reasonable responses are from those not so quick to condemn Corapi just yet. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in that regard over the next year or so. The Legionaires, however, continue to repulse. Have you checked out Michael Voris yet? Very good stuff there, @ and also at, the Franciscans of the Immaculate. All the best to you.


  2. Jimmy, thanks for 'tuning in.'
    A million times over I wish I was wrong about him. Maybe I am!
    I was so mad at the other Catholic bloggers for so quickly jumping on the condemning Corapi bandwagon, but as time went by, it looked more and more probable that he was up to no good. It was the letter from his Superiors that did it for me. It's not my place to condemn, though, and that was the point of my post. I felt 'dirty' finally saying, yep, he did it. But again, when the accusations vs. Maciel first came out in 1996 (if I remember correctly) I did not not believe them. It is not moral to believe the worst of someone right away. I will read the responses to Fr. Longenecker's post, as you suggested.