Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worst / Best Job Ever

Farewell to she who was Dean of Students at OLSWA for the last three years, Maja Polic (pron. Maya Politch).

She did an outstanding job in this extremely difficult position. What type of person can oversee disciplinary, formative and material-resource issues with grace and Christian love? Apparently Maja can.

She is a woman of deep faith, practical sense, a survivor's sense of humour, and follow-through. She continues to care about people even when given a million reasons to give up on someone. My most enjoyable work with Maja has been helping with the RA and proctor interviews these last two years. We have sometimes laughed so hard we cried. How else to do a job like this? As a member of the spiritual life committee of OLSWA I have worked with her to organize the 'Day of Recollection,' featured in a previous post. She didn't know the meaning of abandoning a responsibility. I gather that she gained a great deal of her virtue from her connection to Madonna House. She lived by their motto: I am Third.

The thing I admire Maja most for is her good judgement about people and situations. More often than not - and much more often that me - she knows the right person for the job and the right way to deal with discipline.

Even if you don't know anything about OLSWA, and you've never been in situations remotely like this, imagine for a minute being in charge of the care of 100 young people. Some of you who are unwise are like, "I'd rule them with an iron fist!", or "I'd let them all have fun!" You should, hence, never be put in charge of 100 young people. Some of you who are wise are thinking, "No thanks."

Occasionally wonderful people come to Our Lady's school, occasionally again they depart. These wonderful people are always missed, and you never change your mind about that.

Last night we had a very lovely going away party for Maja. I forgot my camera, but I had my cell phone. I took pictures, but alas cannot seem to upload them to this computer...

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