Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful for Barry's Bay

We had the annual 'Family Fun Night' at the kids' school tonight. It's a lot of fun - for the kids; a drain on my energy and wallet. Yet tonight was okay. It was okay because we have some good friends here. Good Catholic friends are not easy to come by in this world. In Barry's Bay they are more common than you might think, and that makes all the difference. A 'good Catholic friend' loves the Faith, is healthy in mind and soul, is kind and generous and lives a good life. That's actually a very tall order objectively speaking.

The people in Barry's Bay are pretty good folk in general. Friendlier, more down-to-earth than just about anywhere else, and fairly innately Catholic - if that is a real thing. This little town doesn't have malls, movie theatres, Tim Hortons or Lee Valley. But it has Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, St. Hedwig's Parish, and Madonna House just down the road... and it has fine people.

It is also breath-takingly beautiful:

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  1. Colin, Did you take those pictures? because the last one is especially breath-taking. And I know exactly what you mean about Barry's Bay. People from our old town tend to ask me skeptically how we are liking it in our new town and I find it so difficult to explain that this isn't just any old small town - there is so much more here in an "innately Catholic" way. I echo your thoughts re. the fun night. It is the rare school that one can converse with entirely like-minded parents about bad-ass Catholicism while kids sing na-na-na-na in the background (training for the contemporary choir...). We cherish the friendship that we have with you both.