Monday, June 27, 2011

Pray for a Boy to be Born Tomorrow!

The feast day of my number two choice for a boy's name is tomorrow: St. Irenaeus. Anne-Marie said that if a boy is born tomorrow we will call him Irenaeus. Otherwise not.

Since she is due August 7th, and never goes early, I would have to force her into a c-section.

What's my number one choice for a boy's name? Augustine, silly. His feast day is August 28th. But, then, again, doesn't he have a whole month named after him?

If you are saying to yourself, "You would name your son Irenaeus?! Come on, Mister!" You should keep three things in mind:

1) Irenaeus is from the Greek root for 'peace'.

2) St. Irenaeus was the first great theologian of the Church.

3) There is no one else going by that name in Barry's Bay.

What's my number 3 boy name? Hint: there are two saints named this, and they are depicted below:


  1. St. Irenaeus is a fab saint. We were married on his feast day. So at every meal, we ask for his intercession, and more than a few people, when having joined us for a meal, have asked "Why IRANAEUS?" I guess he seems like a random choice to some, but I think he's a great choice.

    Also, don't force Anne-Marie to have a c-section. That's cruel, AND weird.

    (PS If making your name choice differ from other Barry's Bay parents is one of your stipulations, well, good luck, and I guess this means there will never be a Joseph Kerr.)

  2. I will pray... When our daughter was born, Agnes was a top choice. Behold, she was born on St. Agnes day... but no Agnes do we have, God had other plans, and I am glad he did. But just for giggles, when we found out about #2 on the way, the original due date was... St. Lucy day... good thing it moved otherwise I would have petitioned for Lucy on Agnes day and Agnes on Lucy day. I am a horrible parent.

    Good luck with the name!

  3. Strangely enough there are actually not that many Josephs in BB - Tanners, Coulters and Haleys are taking over from the older Sylvesters and Ambroses. David is nice for a boy and Elena is nice for a girl - we're OK with either. And, Catholic illiterate that I am, who is the second saint in the pictures?

  4. Great name choices all round! And (I've commented before) having a unique name is great! I do know a couple of boys named Ignatius. As a teacher of his (2nd one above) Spiritual Exercises, he's a great saint to have on one's intercession list. And, your first Ignatius above featured prominently in two spirituality course (East and West). And, my thesis quotes all your favourites! Great guys all! Oh, please no forcing c-sections or looking for a pregnancy to continue long past the "due date."

  5. I love Lucy - no joke intended. Maybe it has something to do with Dante.

    Elena, it is Sts. Ignatius - the AMDG is your best hint, which is the Jesuit motto, I take it (to the greater glory of God).

    Joseph Burchat, Joseph Kluke, Joseph Westin, Joseph Gennsens... many of them are in the vicinity, not strictly in BB.

  6. Did I mention that our Joseph is named after Stalin?

  7. I missed the obvious when I failed to list Joseph Afelskie, but in our family he's Jo-Jo.

    I assumed he had been named after Stalin.

    One thing about Stalin, he liked a clean house ;)