Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I went to bed early last night (Thursday) because I had a big day planned today and I had not been getting enough sleep recently. I went down with Stephen around 8. I woke up. It was still dark, so I knew it wasn't 7:00 yet, the time I planned to be up by. When I checked the clock on the stove it was 1:00, the time when I normally go to bed. Now it is after 3:00, and am just as awake as ever.

I read some news online then redesigned the blog. Not happy with it yet. Maybe I'll keep trying. Listening to music. It's quiet, it's peaceful. I'm not too worried about the hell-day I might end up having if I can't get back to sleep at all. That's the way to beat sleeplessness - not to care.

The garden will need to be watered, but I'll be too busy. Do you think I should water it now, at 3 am?


But who am I to say that my way is the best way?
Was talking to a young woman today. I got the typical amazement when I told her I had four children and a fifth on the way. After her outburst, she said that big families are fun or nice or something. I thought, you have no idea. It cannot be described. Would I trade it for anything? Never! My family is everything to me. It is my full source of joy.

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