Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day Miscellany

1. Don't forget to tell me what you think about the idea I have to join the Conservative Party. (See previous post.)

2. Is this a time to rejoice or a time to despair re. the state of the Church today? There was a long editorial-type piece on Lifesite last week on dissent in the Church by Mr. Hoffman, focusing on John Allen's role in it. See it here. I was left with the impression that this article is sadly out of date. Hey, we've won all the important battles. Bishops, priests have all been chastened away from 'the spirit of Vatican II' to the actual faith, and have been reminded there are people watching, and one of these people is the Holy Father. And then... I went on 'Campus Notes' on my blog roll and read story after story of Catholic universities supporting this same-sex thing and that pro-abortion politician... I guess I owe a apology to Mr. Hoffman for my mental crime against him. Alas. But of course, I still maintain that things are very much better than, say, the 90s when the voice of the obscurantists was so much stronger than it is now. No one doubts what the Church stands for now after the pontificates of JPII and BXVI. Those who speak of 'the times they are a-changin' are now greeted with just disdain. Speaking of just disdain:

3. Yes, you are so smart, not like those end-of-the-world-on-May-21st people! I laugh - not at the predictors - but at those who were so intent on them being wrong. What is the proper attitude to all things childish? The paying of no attention. What would you make of someone getting in a shouting mass with an 8-year old over the age of the world or with someone suffering from schizophrenic delusions over the true identity of the Anti-Christ? Embarrassing. A friend once said to me, "Answer the ignorant with silence." Good advice.

4. I am reading Blessed J H Newman's Idea of a University again after the previous read c. 10 years ago. Expect numerous boring references to this amazing work in days to come on thetheologyofdad. The last time I read it I was in my last semester of course work for the PhD. and was simultaneously taking a reading course on Newman and a course on Lonergan's Method in Theology. I must have driven the instructor of the latter course nuts with reflection paper after reflection paper on how much better Newman was than Lonergan! I don't hate Lonergan - don't get me wrong (he's better than Rahner!) - but he's no Newman, and many of his basic positions re. theology are completely untenable.

5. I still have no idea about interest - money interest, that is. Take my house, for instance, or my credit card (eek!). My house is mortgaged at 4 point something percent. Why then will I buy my house twice by the time it is paid off? Do I owe them 4% of my house every year? If my house were worth $100,000, then I would owe them $4,000 every year on interest, right? And, if it's mortgaged over 20 years then it's $4,000 x 20 (although as the principle diminishes, the $4,000 diminishes). If my credit card balance is $10,000 and the interest rate is 14%, then I owe them $1,400 each year? Makes sense to me. Did I get it right?

6. Super-kudos to my friends, Patrick and Jenna Craine, on the birth of their second child last week. Isaiah Brendan Joseph. Mother and baby seem very well. (I love those guys!)

Make sure to pray for all dead Protestants too!


  1. Thank you for including us in your post :) And yes, Mother and Baby are doing very well. We look forward to introducing you to our youngest this summer, if you're around!

  2. You are to be admired for your courage to visit to far with such youngins! Will love to see you!