Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Means Boring My Readers with Yard-Shots

As I mentioned last post - it has been a very rainy week, but not quite as bad as it was forecast. The grass has grown up long and thick, so I'll have to cut it today. We are promised a two or three day stretch of mainly sun.

This is the most trammelled pathway in our yard, that which runs from the backdoor to the driveway. It is a mud-mess in the spring, so I put in this walkway to deal with that. It was more work than you'd think. But it looks nice and I'm sure will be worth all the effort.

A beautiful sky. The moment when they were finally opening up after several days.

All parents cringe when they see barefooted children (two in their pajamas) planting grass seed and watering.

Moustache-man surveys his works from his lawn chair, declaring them just and right.

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