Saturday, May 21, 2011

Should I Join the Conservative Party?

I feel like someone who buys the cap of a team that just won the Superbowl.

Don't get me wrong, if the Party ever came out as formally for abortion I would drop them like a hot potato. That seems very unlikely now, or - if were are to believe those who say that the pro-life position is becoming ever more popular - ever. I get that there are strong pro-choice elements within the Party - they are everywhere. But they do not dominate, it appears.

I don't know why this has been coming into my mind more and more, but it did precede their win - honest!

A friend of mine is active in the Party, and she inspires a confidence in me that one can be a part of it and a serious Catholic.

Yet when you look at the stats this was an election of one polar opposite against another. Conservatism is a viable option against what had appeared for so long to be an unassailable socialist, feminist, homosexualist mindset. As I've said, the leftist dominate Canada. The government is Conservative only because there are three leftist parties splitting the vote. But the Conservatives do represent at least 30 percent of Canadians. I voted for the Reform back then, I vote for the Conservatives now. So, if I vote for them, why not just go one step further?

My reasons are my reasons for never joining any other organization than the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But is this determinative? Are my reasons solid? Actually, I don't have reasons, I just have hesitations.

Why not make my voice heard in the Party on issues of life and family, freedom and justice?

This is the part where I welcome feedback.


  1. I am very cynical of the Conservatives. They are supposed to stand for fiscal conservatism and they don't.

    They don't want to re-open the abortion debate. Does that sound like a party that really welcomes you?

    If you like your MP and think that person is useful in advancing the culture of life, it might be worthwhile.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. I had a quick glance at your webpage. I will visit more soon!

    Let's see how they do with cutting expenditures in the next year...

    As for life, could it not be argued that, since they are not open to re-opening the debate, people should join the party who want it re-opened? Of course, you could stretch things to the ridiculous and say the same thing about the other parties, couldn't you? But that's just unreasonable.

    I think that a significant proportion of the party is pro-life, don't you?

  3. Hi Colin, I have my beefs with the Conservative party, but primarily my beefs are with Harper. It's not exactly true THEY don't want to reopen the abortion debate, it's HIM. So that's exactly why Patrick joined the party, even though we both are very frustrated with the way they aren't particularly 'good' at being Conservative. Patrick is able to attend the meetings to vote in people who can actually do something pro-life-wise (which of course means ousting Harper). Anyway I think it's something worth considering, although your riding's MP is quite pro-life as it is.

  4. I did not know that Patrick was a party member. Thanks, Jenna, super-mom.

    Do you think he does not, or just knows that it'll never go anywhere? Does that make a difference? Or, is he waiting?

  5. Colin

    When so-cons reward a party for sticking it to them, they'll get more of the same. Consider the PC's of the 80's. There were lots of pro-life PC's. They just weren't in charge.

    Don't give support where it's not deserved.