Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catholic All-Stars

* While I object in principle to such things... I am going to violate my conscience for sake of science, and offer a (mildly) scientific study of a vain question:

Who are the Catholic All-Stars of the last 25 years?

By this I mean, according to Google, which names generate the greatest number of results among Catholic apologists / evangelists / prelates?

This would exclude such tedious bandying to genetic Catholics like the Kennedys, etc. Also, I have excluded certain personae non gratis like Curran, Kung, and even Mel Gibson, for these people cannot be considered crusaders for Catholicism by any stretch of the imagination.

25 Year All Star Ranking:

John Paul II -  8,350,000
Mother Teresa - 7,090,000
Benedict XVI -  7,040,000
Raymond Arroyo - 4,730,000
(Henry) Graham Green - 3,640,000
Father Aidan Nichols - 3,080,000
Cardinal Raymond Burke - 2,920,000
Cardinal Pell 1,610,000
Fr. Raymond d'Souza - 1,320,000
George Weigel -  1,140,000
Mother Angelica - 850,000
Scott Hahn - 829,000
von Balthasar - 812,000
Cardinal Dulles - 592,000
Richard John Neuhaus - 459,000
Cardinal Levada - 431,000
Rocco Palmo - 383,000
Fr. Benedict Groechel - 332,000
Archbishop Vincent Nichols - 300,000
Peter Kreeft - 290,000
Cardinal Ouellet -  263,000
Fr. Corapi -  242,000
John-Henry Westen -  241,000
Damian Thompson -  227,000
Henri De Lubac - 192,000
Cardinal Arinze -  178,000
Cardinal Christoph Schonborn - 138,000
Ralph McInerny - 118,000
Father Zuhlsdorf -  58,700

There are some surprises in this list - such as Arroyo's very high rank. Most of these surprises are due, no doubt, to the peculiarity of a Google-type search. For instance, googling theologyofdad yields an astonishing 2,850,000 results, while searching with quotes, "theologyofdad" a mere 9. Again, keep in mind that these are English language searches.

To these we could add some so as to make the 'fifty-year hit list,' adding such as

J. R. R. Tolkein -  6,300,000
Flannery O'Connor -  1,670,000
John XXIII - 1,420,000
Etienne Gilson -  948,000
Fulton Sheen -  616,000
Jacques Maritain -  465,000 

It's all very selective, of course, as I have little else to go by than my own recollection to decide who to search for. And, my searches are no doubt influenced by the fact that my Google setting is for 'Ottawa.' As such, I get more results for Archbishops Thomas Collins and Terrence Prendergast than for Timothy Dolan.

It's all for fun anyway.

BTW, Jesus yields 428,000,000 results. Mohammad only 74,400,000. Buddha only 66,200,000.


  1. Today "Google Correlate" was released, which shows search trends over time - might be interesting to see the graphs for the above search terms.

  2. "Mark Shea" produced 415,000 hits which would put him well up on your list.

  3. "G.K. Chesterton" produced 2,350,000 hits

  4. Bishop Anthony Fisher OP (Australian bishop from the Diocese of Parramatta) yields 5,810,000 hits, ranking him at #4, just behind Pope Benedict XVI, just ahead of Raymond Arroyo.

  5. I find it difficult to see how you can exclude Mel Gibson whilst including Graham Greene...

  6. Bek - how interesting about Bishop Fisher - must be the leavings of 2008 World Youth Day.

  7. "Also, I have excluded certain personae non gratis like Curran, Kung, and even Mel Gibson, for these people cannot be considered crusaders for Catholicism by any stretch of the imagination."

    Why not show some respect? For your information, even though Father Kung's license to teach Catholic theology has been revoked, both he and Father Charles Curran are validly ordained PRIESTS IN GOOD STANDING WITH FACULTIES TO CONFECT THE SACRAMENTS. So the stretch of your imagination can not conceive of absolving sins or making present the Body and Blood of Christ as furthering the cause of Catholicism? Have you set yourself up in opposition to the Magisterium of the Church, which authorizes Father Kung and Father Curran to act in persona Christi? This is what you call "fun," insulting priests of Jesus Christ?

  8. thanks, everyone, for your good observations. And, getting lectured on excluding Kung and Curran, that's a first in my experience!

  9. I'm quite amused that John-Henry Westen is on this list. Did you try Patrick B. Craine???? :)

  10. jenna: patrick craine lifesitenews generates 44,900. It's ten times more without the LIfesite, but that search would obviously include a whole bunch of people that were not your husband!

  11. According to this audio, there are hidden documents about the True Jesus which are apparently stored underneath the Vatican.Did anyone read this rather strong Open Message to Pope Benedict ?