Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Assorted Biographical Thoughts to Aid in my Self-Obsession

1. I changed the description of me to the left of this blog. I was sitting at my desk at work and Sarah-Grace's Father's Day card from last year caught my eye. She has said there everything that's important about me better than I could. So there it is. If I could live up to that card - not the actions detailed in it but the love signified by it - then that would be a live well-lived, wouldn't it?

2. Feeling overwhelmed at the start of my summer? Yes. I was biting off more academia than I could swallow. Just small bites, Kerr.

3. The forecast for this week has got to be the worst ever: rain for the next 5 days, more or less. Oh well. Grow grass, grow.

4. If I had all the money in the world, tomorrow I would: a) visit my grandfather at his old age home in New Brunswick. He's actually in the hospital at the moment. Please pray for my wonderful grampa! b) go to listen to the Holy Father's Wednesday address (since tomorrow is Wednesday), c) go to Kenya, thank them for their wonderful (best!) coffee and hand out wads of cash to the children, d) spend a night in some hotel in Rome with Anne-Marie, and eats spades of pasta - wouldn't I be tired and hungry after all of that? So New Brunswick to Rome to Kenya back to Rome all in one day.

5. Short of that (4), I live in a great town, with rain (3), it's summer break (2) and I'm a part of a wonderful family (1). There you go.


  1. i love the new profile - way to go, sarah-grace. and the newest craine baby carries the same moniker as your oldest son.

  2. thanks, elena! I suppose in some way I was inspired by your post with the mother's day cards. they were so funny!