Monday, April 11, 2011

My Favourite Commentator in Canada - Fr. De Souza

It is always a pleasure to click on Fr. De Souza's extension on the left hand column on my blog. It is refreshing to read something intelligent, topical and interesting. It is nice to read something written by someone who has influence - the respect of bishops and other influential Canadians - who actually takes a stand on something. Influence and stand-taking are usually inversely proportionate. That is a frustrating part of the modern, ecclesiastical context. People in positions of influence have to realize that if they fail to take strong and effective stands, they force the dirty and the depraved to do so. Hence Lifesite. snicker.

A great post is his recent reflection on the latest from D & P: see it here, but spend some time thumbing through his articles - that is, if you don't subscribe to the National Post, for whom he writes.

Of D & P, what more can be said? Here you have a situation where the two most powerful bishops in the country, Their Graces, Collins and Prendergast, have stated publicly that the fruit of the tree is rotten. These bishops have offices in same buildings as these D & P people, and they run into them all the time, I am sure. Can you say, awkward? And yet, who has heard anything about heads that have rolled at D & P / CCCB as a consequence of the ongoing expose? But no serious Catholic whose memory extends back more than ten years expects that this will occur. Crazy things have been happening with the CCCB and every diocese in this country for as long as I have been Catholic, and usually nothing happens as a consequence. Now, I know things are slowly beginning to change. Hence, Collins and Prendergast. In the context of the last 40 years they constitute serious episcopal anomalies.

As a little anecdote on the state of Catholicism in this country, let me mention the remarks of the two of the three Renfrew Catholic School Board teachers I ran in to at Walmart on Friday - a 'PD' day for the schools. They both referred to the very nice mass they had with Bishop Mulhall in the morning, followed by a crazy nun-talk in the afternoon. For as much as we have reason to be happy about the various bright lights in the Catholic Church in Canada - I have mentioned here Fr. De Souza and Archbishops Collins and Prendergast - we still have the crazy nuns doing their thing. Some things change, some things do not, or at least they do not as quickly as you'd like.

So, consider this post of mine a nice contrast to my lambasting of Fr. Rosica a few weeks ago.

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