Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He is Risen!

Had a great Easter weekend, visiting my brother and his family in Toronto. The spiritual highlight for me was going to Sunday mass at Holy Cross Parish in East York. It is a predominantly Filipino congregation. I have a deep love for what the Holy Spirit is doing amongst Filipino people. They seem alive in Christ - at least that has been my experience of them. A positive stereotype can't be a bad thing. It is likely the locus of double graces, since the Augustinians run that parish.

The Resurrection of Christ is not wonderful as a miraculous event; it is wonderful because it is God saying no to death when it matters most.


  1. The Filipinos are a wonderful people. Interestingly, Fr. Galen who has worked a lot with Filipinos including a few pastoral visits to the Philippines had an interesting observation. He said that he felt that the Philippines are like Quebec before they threw away religion. He feels that the Philippines are very much in danger of doing the same thing unless a real work of evangelisation happens there as the priests have a similar grasp on power as did the Quebecois people before the Quiet Revolution.

  2. i meant Quebecois priests not people.

  3. interesting observation. that's the danger with a sort of universal social kind of faith.