Monday, April 11, 2011

The Cat Shall be De-Bagged: We're Pregnant!

It's not news to everyone. Anne-Marie is 5.5 months along now. I couldn't write about it here because there were certain people we had not told yet, and yet whom we were not ready to tell until very recently. Some people - imagine it - do not consider new life as a good in itself to be appreciated first and foremost. But that's okay. That's their thing.

So, Anne-Marie is doing quite well. Yet it is nuts to think that - God willing - we'll have one more smushed into this house of ours soon. But as soon and he or she arrives it will seem like they were always here, as it always is!


  1. Colin,
    We're pregnant ... I am pretty sure its just AM who is in the family way. We will continue to pray for AM, the littlest Kerr and family.

  2. No, we are pregnant. No, wait, I just had too much spaghetti! Prayers appreciated...

  3. Congatulations! That's great news! God bless you and your growing family.

  4. Hurray Kerr family! I bet Anne-Marie is just aglow (when is she not?!) and the kids are pretty excited too! 5.5 months! She's further along than I realized. Lovely news :D