Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'll Weigh-in on the Election

Readers of theologyofdad know that I don't care for politics. That's my politics.

However, who will I vote for and why?

No question, Harper.

Why? He is not the one we hoped for: a pro-life, proud and open Christian.

Yet, he is by far closer to that than any of the rest of them. I was listening to CBC radio this morning for a few minutes and they referred a few times to the 'destruction of democracy.' It was meant primarily as an indictment of Harper, but I don't think only of him. I thought it was a corny thing that could only be said by stupid people. And then I thought a little bit about it. In a certain way I could describe my antipathy for the other parties along the lines of something like that. The problem with the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc is that their world views do not cross over mine at all in any way, save that is for one aspect of the Bloc's, separatism.

Those aforementioned parties' positions can best be described as the positions of secularized, unwise, inexperienced, idealistic undergrads. That is why I have nothing for them but scorn and loathing. They don't represent me, and if that is what the pundits on CBC meant by the erosion of democracy then I agree that that is a problem.

I don't like Canada, because it is run by those kinds of people, a wholly unphilosophical group, if not the PM, than in terms of the other three principal parties, many of the PM's own party, the bureaucracy, and the media. I have absolutely nothing in common with these people, so why would I love Canada? Does one characteristically love things and people with whom he has nothing in common? Nationalism is not Christian, in case you were confused.

The bottom line for me is this. I am no political scientist, but it is clear to me that Canada is bereft of the sufficient common vision to say that it is a nation. Talk of Canadian values is foolish and meant to be manipulative.

So, voting. Who comes closest to sharing my values? Harper's party (I do not say the Conservative Party, since 'MacKay's party' is just like the other parties). In fact, the values of the other parties are so unlike mine that it is hard to imagine that we have any common ground at all. Thus, I share more in terms of values with other countries than with this one. Harper represents a powerful minority, but make no mistake, if the Liberals, NDP and Bloc were not dividing the left wing, the Conservative Party would practical evaporate from the House of Commons.

All the others want:

gay marriage; well, better say, no marriage, no family, no Christian values in any way
maximal government control of the lives, money and thoughts of its citizens

A Christian voter should be guided by two thoughts: how do I promote my Christian values at the poll and minimize the influence of anti-Christian values?

We should not miss that the other parties are fundamentally anti-Christian. There is no compromising with the extreme socialism of the left - because it is oh so Christian to be charitable. It is, but no where in the Gospel does Christ present charity as a government duty. He speaks to the individual only. The idea of state charity has confused Christians and allowed them to cooperate with Satan:

"Sure I'll pay higher taxes and promote a welfare state, and yes, that does mean increasing government control of my life - my educational options, my health care options, my employment options - but that seems like a small price to pay for universal health care!"

No, it is not a small price to pay. It is everything. Passing it over, you pass over everything.

Christians need to be stubborn, intransigent and out-spoken. It is never 'too late' to start, but why not start now?

We need to develop a 'traditional values' vocabulary, because we certainly don't have one as yet. And that is why 'conservatives' are made a mockery of by the left-wing media, or otherwise keep quiet about it.

I promise not to talk politics again. There are enough blogs out there doing that.

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