Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Re-cap in Photos, Since I'm Done with Winter Now

I had a wonderful time with His Grace, Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa, on Wednesday. I hadn't seen him since the summer, so I thought it high-time. I spent the morning at Carleton U's library doing some good research.

I and made my way to the Cathedral for, first, a skate on the Rideau Canal - something intrinsically Canadian, that I've never done (like playing hockey, which I've likewise never done). I have to say that I am surprised that at 36 years of age I found it very difficult today to keep up with a mid-60 year old. And I run and exercise quite frequently. It was his first skating this year, whereas I had been skating a few times already. What's to explain this? If I look a little winded in the pictures, it's because I am!

After the skate His Grace celebrated mass for me, the Feast of St. Polycarp, the Apostolic Father. That was very special. How often do you get your 'own mass'?

Then we had a lovely supper with a few of the priests who live at the Cathedral rectory, and then off I went home. Thanks, Your Grace, for the lovely day! If you want to see a few more pictures of the skate, click on to 'Journey of a Bishop.'

And, for the record, an orange toque does not stand out at all in Barry's Bay. It does, however, in the land of business suits, aka Ottawa.

I haven't posted many family pictures recently, so here are a few:

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