Monday, December 27, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I had the most wonderful day yesterday with my elder daughter, Sarah-Grace. She is the number one C.S. Lewis fan in the world, and was so looking forward to the latest Disney production. My hopes were moderate as I thought the other movies were fine, but not great - I don't like 'final big battle' movies. But I got to tell you, I have no idea why this movie was being panned by some critics - it was the best of the Chronicle movies by far! I guess critics like 'final big battles.'

This movie was much more sensitive to human feeling and intuition - especially with the real star of the show - little what's-her-name (the youngest of the siblings) - Lucy - who relies on more than her cuteness in this one to make her mark. It was much more overtly Christian. It was very intelligent and creative and interesting.

It helps that one is enjoying the movie with a huge fan at his side. I didn't grow up Catholic (and we all know C.S. Lewis was Catholic) and so I didn't ever read Lewis and Tolkien, so it's really neat to watch my kids growing up that way.

Why did we go to a movie on Boxing Day - a little secular isn't it? I was passing off my mother to my Toronto brother, and since there are no movie theatres in Barry's Bay, it seemed like a good opportunity to take it in.

As many parents will tell you, it's very rewarding to spend time with your kids one-on-one. Of my kids, I think Sarah-Grace is the most like me temperamentally - for good and ill. She is very easy to spend that one-on-one time with. She exudes appreciation - which is all dads who are struggling to be good dads really want.


  1. and she's beautiful. also, the lewis as catholic remark - a joke, right? i wish we could bring our kids to that movie but they would run with fear from the theatre. seriously, franklin the turtle is sometimes too scary and forget about the polar express - that is sheer torture.

  2. No one got that I was joking about Lewis. I guess you didn't see my wink when I wrote that.

    My kids were just like yours a few years ago. And then I undertook a serious program of desensitization... Wink.

    I remember a few years ago getting them the Incredibles or whatever it's called - a cartoon about a super hero family - and they couldn't watch it. Compare that to having given Isaiah the original Star Wars Trilogy for his birthday two weeks ago!

    Your kids are so wonderful. I know that part of it is frustrating, but the double-edged sword of desensitization will come in to play sooner or later. When it does, I know you'll feel the way I did: "Good, they're not weiners anymore... Oh, I miss them being weiners..."

  3. Colin, Patrick and I just went to see this on Tuesday night. I also thought it was the best of them all. It was quite inspiring, really.

    Also, I think it's funny that you refer to your kids in terms of how weiner-ish they appear to be. Ha!

  4. It's just worry about how the world will treat them.