Friday, December 24, 2010

Personal Stuff around Christmas

You may be surprised by how little 'personal' stuff I have added of late. Predominantly the cause of this is busyness: I am (I think) the only remaining faculty member at OLSWA still marking exams! I was away for two full days this week in Ottawa with my beloved.

Anne-Marie and I - for the first time ever as parents - went away by ourselves overnight. It was a great time. We stayed in the Westin, which is fairly posh, and (unfortunately) spent most of our time there Christmas shopping for the kids. The trip was our Christmas present to each other. I'd like to say this will become a yearly thing with us, but knowing that it has taken 10 years for the first one to come about, I have my doubts.

So, to update visually:

The Christmas concert. Sorry, this is the best picture.
Rebecca, like Waldo, is in there somewhere.

Sarah-Grace's class made gingerbread houses.

The tree decorating day.

Isaiah's tenth!


  1. you beat me to the concert but only because the computer to which i uploaded the photos has been attacked by a trojan horse.

  2. Likely excuse...

    I don't mind the concert... they keep it to about an hour, which is nice.

    I had to laugh about them beating the sticks and you saying something like "this is what the music program has become!" lol