Monday, November 8, 2010

What is OLSWA?

For those who might have come across the two previous posts, and yet have no idea what this OLSWA is, perhaps I should give you a few pieces of information. This is a snap shot of what you would more fully find on the School's website.

What any Catholic who loves their Faith needs to know about Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy is that it is a small, completely non-government subsidized institution that strives to be perfectly faithful to Christ and His Church. It wishes to form young people in a way that is consistent with reason (not false ideologies like Feminism, Marxism, and political correctness) and wishes to teach the Faith in an advanced, academically rigorous manner, so as to make smart and life-giving disciples for Christ. It exposes its students to the entire Western Tradition in the Liberal Arts, in order to form them as strong thinkers, and teaches them the Catholic Faith so that they might appreciate it and love it the more.

Not knowing Canada or its secularizing tradition, you might be unaware of how radical and rare and undertaking this school is.

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