Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Other Way to Give

The suggestion of a friend pushed me to act upon a thing I had been thinking I should do in light of all these posts I'm making about OLSWA's library.

So I developed a "wish list" on of books that I think the school could benefit from having in its collection. I'll try and set it up as a permanent thing on the side of this blog, but until then you can get to it here. If you go to and click on 'search for a wish list,' look under my name (Colin Kerr). The actual list is called "OLSWA Library."

The advantage of using Amazon, rather than listing books as I have been, is that it'll keep track of which books have been purchased.
Thanks, Sue, for the suggestion.


  1. The gift registry idea was Jenna's :). I just suggested posting the wish list on the OLSWA website or in the newsletter. The wish list is a great idea, since supporters will know what has been purchased. Just wondering why you went with, vs.

  2. .com has way more stuff than .ca, unfortunately.

  3. That's what I figured. :)
    Another source for hard-to-find volumes is

  4. Yes, I go there all the time! It's wonderful. Though not according to my wife ;)