Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Man without Characteristics

Not without character.

I have long pondered, okay, well, since I came to OLSWA - upon realizing how I stood out in a certain nondescript way amongst all the professors - the fact that I am the only person without mimic-able character traits. Most people I know have these things. I can and do mock these and them. Mostly in a loving manner. But I, alas, have none. How do people perceive such a commonplace lad? Yes, I am clever and have an amazing sense of humour, commingled with spades of humility, but none of these things can be mimicked.

I don't think I'm normal. I know I'm not. But I have no strong characteristics that capture my personality. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am a middle child, and thus disposed to chameleon-like environment blending? Perhaps it is because I am an introvert and don't care what is going on around me and thus don't feel motivated to make a distinct social impact?


  1. This post got me thinking and you do have a characteristic way that you draw back your chin and look confused when you do a double take. Ask Anne-Marie, she can probably identify it. This comment makes me sound like I am a stalker; but I can probably identify the same sort of thing about most persons with whom I am friends. Which just makes me a stalker of most persons with whom I am friends.

  2. keep stalking - it makes your friends feel important. haha.

  3. There's probably a student or two who could find something about you to mimic. :)

  4. Sue, let me try. In other words, part of knowing yourself is knowing how you strike others. AND I JUST DONT KNOW!!!