Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Happened While I was Away?

How has the Catholic Church - which survived Nero, Diocletian, Attila, Mohammad, Genghis, Luther, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and Obama - managed to survive without my witty observations these last few weeks?

Since I've been 'gone' we have had another Canadian saint added to the calendar, Saint Andre of Montreal, and had a bunch of cardinals added to the college. I am disappointed that there were no Canadians. Probably next time. But will they be B16 appointments? Or B17? Or JP3? Or Pius 13 ? Or, which I would prefer, Zachary 2 - there hasn't been a Zachary since the 8th century. Zachary sounds harmless - how could the world not love a Pope Zach? Prediction: since the Vatican reads thetheologyofdad, they will give this serious consideration.

I think that I will do a lengthy post on chapter 7 of "The God Delusion," which we covered last class in apologetics. It is build around such a poor reading of history in general and of Christian theology in particular that it should be fun to dismantle the poor guy's stuff. Stay tuned.

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