Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Sunday, A Day of Consolations

It's funny the day that is designed as a day to thank God, especially for the fruits of the earth - do you realize that famine can and does still happen? - that even the day of thanking God is itself something for which we should be thankful? Our desire to thank You is itself Your gift...

I am thankful, first of all, for my brother, Kevin, and his family visiting this weekend.

I am thankful for finally being able to hold little six-week-old baby Isaac. (Every time I've seen him it seems I've had a cold.) He is such a beautiful little angel. O, the gift of life...

I am thankful for the massive turkey I bought yesterday - about 28 lbs! And for the fact that I didn't burn it, drop it on the ground, or fail to get it cooked on time.

I am thankful for Stephen taking his afternoon nap despite the noise and excitement at our house, giving me a few minutes to blog.I am thankful for the health of all of us here.

I am thankful for those Chilean miners having great hope of escape from their living tomb.

I am thankful that to see Mrs. Patrice Warner looking happy, or okay, anyway, despite having lost her husband this last year.

I am thankful for the safe return of our pastor, Fr. Shalla, after a month in Poland. I always feel more secure spiritually when he's here.

And, finally, of course, for the magnificent weather in Barry's Bay this weekend.