Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Only I'm Permitted to Criticize the Church

"Maintain your maxim such that only I'm allowed to do it."
- Immanuel Kant, Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten [Prologomena to Metaphysics of Morals], with Amendments
Prologomena to this Post:

1. Grundlegung is the coolest sounding word in any language. Sounds like a character from Lord of the Rings.

2. People who use the abbreviation 'LOTR' need to take personal inventory.

Main Body of this Post:

Every hither and thither I'll read a blog criticizing the Church. I might even agree in principle with what the critic is saying, yet I feel a twinge of regret when I read such things. I`ve written such things, as regular readers of TTOD know (The Theology of Dad, btw). I criticize my parents, but don`t care for it when others partake. I criticize my children, but don`t care for it when others agree with me. I criticize myself - but feel free to disagree with what I say!

I hope that when I criticize the Church I do four things: 1) Make it for the good (constructive), 2) Make clear the distinction between the Church human and the Church divine, 3) Do it as little as possible, 4) Praise the Church as often as I can.

Maybe it`s been too long since I`ve done #4.

So I praise now this beautiful Bride who fulfills the will of Christ in Her divinity in every way. She is luscious and lovely. We ought to have affection for the Bride of Christ as Christ Himself does. She is the handmaiden of the Lord, and She watches over the earth with great solicitude.

Allegory of the Church by Andrea Bonaiuti


  1. LOTR = Life on the Rock. :)
    Is that permissible?
    Oh, and that is beautiful piece of art. Lovely choice.

    - Maria M.

  2. Very nice, Maria. Okay, your suggestion is a little better. Or, perhaps I should just adjust to the idea that this generation's Star Wars is Lord of the Rings.

  3. Since you invited criticism of your views on Kant, I was curious what you said about him. My only criticism so far: Who translates 'Grundlegung' as 'Prologomena'? Shouldn't that be 'Groundwork'?