Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Computer

So I got a new lap top. Same model from same store. Why does a dog go back to his own vomit? Who knows. But I got to tell you, I am liking this Acer better. First of all, Windows Seven is better than Vista, not that Vista was terrible or anything - I'm not a computer snob.

Not only did I buy the extended warranty - and am looking forward to another $260 in 2.5 years, but this time I also bought 'damage protection.' Apparently I can do anything to this computer and they'll give me a new one right off the shelf. Sure they will.

Anyway, the most vexing part of any new computer is getting used to a new key board. Nothing is where it was before - save qwerty.

I also learned my lesson and bought an external hard drive. $60 for 320 gb at Walmart. That's over 5gb for a dollar!

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