Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Week, That's the Reason

My laptop computer crashed a week ago Friday, that is, right after I had completed the draft of the talk I was to deliver to the Canadian Chapter of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars this past Saturday in Toronto. Additionally, I lost a work day due to Thanksgiving. It has been a week of catch-up and persistence. I rewrote the talk. Is it better? I guess so. But it's navigating without my laptop that's been the principle challenge of the week.

Am still really enjoying my students this year. What an amazing bunch. Had a really challenging class the other night in Apologetics (for them and for me). We were dealing with the issue of 'hate speech.' The class handled the issue admirably.

I have a lot of things to discuss this week, so I will no doubt make up for the paucity of last week's entries.

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