Friday, September 10, 2010

Various Ponderings on a Worn-Out Friday

1. It's a nearly perfect early Fall (end of Summer) day. If any energy returns after our tiring outing to Pembroke today, I will go fishing with Isaiah after supper.

2. I am truly grateful for my little Stephen - but man, I am earning my claim to father of world's cutest two-year-old right now: he is being sooo whiney.

3. I am not a fan of the Tridentine Mass. Not a fan at all. As I have said before, I love Latin - so I don't make the mistake of calling the Tridentine Mass 'the Latin Mass.' My dream is to attend the pope's Latin Novus Ordo mass. A vernacular mass can be done poorly - it happens all the time in North America: but a Latin, Tridentine mass may be done poorly too: it's just that it's in Latin and no body realizes what's going on and what's going wrong. Why is it said so quickly? It's not just the priest who does it here's fault - every Tridentine mass I've been to is like an auction. My main complaints about the Tridentine Mass (which disqualifies me from my cherished epitaph, 'conservative'):

a) it's unintelligible on purpose. I know Latin better than most of my peers, and so it's not that it's in Latin that makes it unintelligible, it's that so many of the priest's prayers are not meant to be heard by the congregation. I feel like the spectator at some sporting event or some exotic, ancient cultic ceremony. No wonder people used to pray their rosaries at mass - what else are you going to do with the free time? Might as well bring a book.

b) it relies on various redundancies and complexities (i.e. it fails to arrive at the cherished 'noble simplicity' of the Novus). People can inflict these things on the Novus as well - and they do, but these are not a part of the rite per se. Whether it's the Prologue to John's Gospel or the St. Michael's Prayer, or that switch-a-roo with the sacramentary on the altar, for me, it's a big 'pass, please!'

c) It's makes of the altar boys pseudo-priests.

d) I'm sure there are other things that bother me too.

Of course, I have to admit that these things probably bother me because I'm not used to them, but I think I'd end up (if I ever studied it in depth) a fan of the Vatican II reforms.

4. I am grateful for my kids' school. They had their opening mass for the school year today, and we took it in. It was sweet, really. You hear of so many scandalous things about 'Catholic schools.' It's just nice to have some real Catholic things going on at ours.

5. I am really impressed with my students. They seem to have a genuine interest and excitement for what's being offered to them. I hope they can maintain the good will. I might get cranky with them, of course, if I think that they are not keeping up with the readings. I automatically tend to think well of people at first.

6. For the first time in my life I intentionally went out to buy used clothing. I'm not a snob, much, but I like new clothes when I buy clothes - which isn't all that often. I went to Value Village to look for sports coats, but didn't see any I liked or that fit well. Instead, I bought three cotton dress shirts that will look good once washed and pressed. Maybe this is the start of a new thing for me.

7. There are three kinds of Catholics i) cultish Catholics, ii) evangelistic Catholics iii) philosopher Catholics.

Type (i) is interested in the details of the liturgy most of all. These are usually cradle Catholics - sometimes Anglican converts.

Type (ii) is interested in spreading the Faith most of all. Often converts, but sometimes 'second-birth' Catholics.

Type (iii) is interested in understanding the Faith most of all. Often converts, but often not.

I am a type (iii).

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