Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Years without Dad

September has changed for me. Late September has a more solemn air to it now. And that's good. Life can't be one big joke. There are things to take seriously. I guess my dad's death was the first thing I took seriously in a long, long time. Things have greatly changed for me since then. No longer some man's boy.

When someone dies they're no longer there. And that has been the worst part. I can't talk to him, ask him things, see how he is and what he's up to. No more. Just gone. Totally gone. It is a consolation to know that it is not that he no longer exists, he just can't be reached. The former does not take away the latter, as you might think it would. It doesn't.

But I guess the time should come when a man ceases to be some other man's son and becomes a man himself actually.

Dr. Stephen Roy Kerr
Born November 14, 1939
Died September 27, 2008 
requiescat in pace

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