Friday, September 10, 2010


Okay, my two cents on a rather hilarious story.

I love how some inconsequential pastor of the world's smallest church (20 people), has got the whole world up in arms, from President Obama to a bunch of rednecks in Afghanistan. How? Cuz he's bold enough to show how hypocritical and cowardly the pcs and leftees of the world are.

Now, I think this pastor is a redneck and a danger and a menace, but he is doing a great job of bringing the issue of Islam and the West to a fine point. Rednecks verses rednecks: Muslims verses Fundamentalist Christian boobs.

Would Obama have batted an eye at the burning of the Bible, the desecration of the Holy Eucharist? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT! What a big hypocrite. How many times have homosexualists and feminists desecrated Holy Mass - did he ever care? Nope, not in the least.

Now, I think the burning of a book that is so important to others is a travesty. If you hate the book, burn it in the privacy of your own fireplace. It's when you tell others that you have a real sin against charity. I wish all abortion would end, but I'm not going to go around burning down abortuaries. Why? - cuz the night janitors might get hurt. The Qu'ran is important to a bunch of people. I think it's not a book of truth (I could have put it in worse phraseology - but this is the WWW, so I don't want to hurt people egregiously) but that doesn't mean I should burn it. I have read a bit of it - I plan on reading it all: I'm just a busy dude. I find ancient literature interesting. I read Gnostic literature, Jewish literature, all sorts of pagan stuff all the time - what makes the Qu'ran so burnable? Do you know that one of my very favourite books is Nietzsche's Anti-Christ?

So Obama's a big hypocrite because he wouldn't care if a Bible was burned.

(The argument that it will make things more dangerous for NATO troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is not one that holds water: sooner or later these psychos are going to come out of the woodwork - wouldn't you prefer it sooner to later? Ya, let's be afraid of Muslim Jihadists, that will make them give up their militant, triumphalistic ways. They'll respect that, lay down their guns and pick up their guitars.)

And Muslims are big hypocrites if they have think that they have a right to have their wishes respected while not respecting the wishes of others, or while not being outraged at the constant stream of desecration of churches and clerics in their midst.

This is the service that 2010's biggest idiot-come-genius, Pastor Terry Jones, is doing the world, exposing others' idiocy by means of his own.


  1. The head of a world security agency wrote an editorial yesterday for the Citizen - he said essentially what you just wrote. You didn't tell me that you were moonlighting; OlSWA is the perfect cover.

  2. You'd think they'd give a contributor like me a free subscription...
    Nice to have you commenting again. theologyofdad has missed it primary pundit. Whatever a pundit it.

  3. theologyofdad has missed its primary pundit. Whatever a pundit is.

  4. A pundit is a journalist whose views are so off kilter that people don't want to dignify him with the title of journalist.

  5. Christine is the magical little word fairy... I wouldn't know how to cope without her. I wonder what the etymology of 'cope' is? Haha.

  6. I don't think your views are sooo off kilter...