Saturday, September 11, 2010

It Takes 9.5 Years to Become a Dad.

I don't mean me. It took much less. Or was it much more? Not sure which yet.

But things have come full circle for Isaiah. Stephen is at that age - two - when he is questioning the utility and equity of his afternoon nap. I am not prepared for him not to have a nap yet: three sounds about right for that discussion.

So Stephen came out of his crib twice. I was firm with him, and put him back.

Isaiah, who was upstairs, just came down to tell me that Stephen had come out again and that he put him in his own bed (they share a room) and lay with him until he fell asleep, upon which time he crept quietly out of the room. Had I known this was going on I would have given him a little spank and put him back in again. But Isaiah's way worked this time.

It doesn't seem all that long ago I was going through all of this with Isaiah. We were first-time parents then, trying everything, and getting really stressed-out doing it. Now, no biggie: firmness, repetition. No sweat off my back. But it's really neat how the kid who used to be the "primary problem" in my life is now helping with solutions.

Here is the sleeping angel now (yes, after all of that I went into his room a took a flash picture of him):

And his little dad, downloading articles on 'how to parent effectively':

I never got to be a little dad growing up. My younger brother was only two years younger than me. I never had the chance, and you know, I think I lost out on something because of that. I think these are golden formation moments for Isaiah. I'm not of the school that thinks kids should be running the farm by 8, but I do think that they should be active participants in the civilization of love.

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