Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Great Day for a Walk

My fourth year is beginning at OLSWA, and I had yet to take part in the annual hike up to 'Kluke's Point.' To get there you have to drive out of town for about fifteen minutes down highway 60 toward Algonquin Park (westward). You just park along the highway and start on the trail. My car was required, so I thought I'd come and bring Isaiah too. It was a very nice walk - quite demanding physically, actually. Isaiah was dragging toward the end, and I had to have a nap when I got back home, and my knees still kind of hurt, but I don't regret it at all. It was a truly lovely encounter with nature, and a chance to get to know (and to get known by) some of the new students. My overall impression of the new students is very high. They seem like a mature but fun group of people. I have to hand it to them, how easily they seem to be fitting in to this new environment, and are keeping up brave faces. I would almost be in tears - I am such a home-body, and always got homesick when I was younger, even 20.

I never forget how blessed I am to live here. Far too people get to enjoy untrammelled nature (that's why it's untrammelled). I was amazed at how much oak was on the top of the hills, as compared to the spruce lower down. It's a perfect time of the year to enjoy nature - no bugs whatsoever.Some of the students were struck by how many different coloured mushrooms were to be seen.

It really came to me today how rewarding it is to serve these students in my teaching ministry at Our Lady's College. Some of them may not ever realize how blessed they are to have a school like this. Today was kind of a reminder to me that I am supposed to be serving these youngsters on their journeys to Christ. There was a lot of natural goodness apparent in this group today. I think I am learning to be less selfish and egotistical. When I finally reach that point I'll finally be a good teacher, a good Christian, an adult.


  1. Thanks for the pictures - it's so beautiful. Bethany told me about the hike today - her feet were aching tonight - but she really enjoyed it.

  2. I loved this post. It made me so nostalgic for my Academy days. May God bless you in your new year. (and yes, even that grueling hike... I only did it one year!) It's amazing that this is your FOURTH year at OLSWA. Time is flying.

    Keep us updated on how life at the Academy is going. It's nice to get a little peek into that beautiful place.

  3. I noticed how few upper-year students there were on the hike - I guess they all knew how hard it was.

    I have yet to introduce myself to Bethany!

  4. Ugh I meant to say, how nostalgic I was and then say that thing about the hike in THAT order. It makes it sound like I want God to bless that hike now.

    Which He should.

    But that wasn't what I had meant to say! Oh dear.

  5. Not to worry Colin - I'm sure your paths will cross eventually. She knows Elena from Nazareth, and she knows I know you from your blog, and from our meeting in the parking lot at MH last March.
    We're keeping the Academy - students, staff and faculty - in our prayers!