Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big OLSWA Weekend in Barry's Bay

As of Thursday the students started to pile in to the Bay to begin the school year. Many new faces - about 40 or so; many familiar ones - about 40 or so. The school has increased it's size by about 5 full time students. That's as many as we can accommodate, unfortunately. We are at a real bottleneck with respect to classroom space and teachers. You'd figure a weak economy like the local one would be bending over backwards to offer buildings to us to rent for additional classrooms, but that just is not the case. We could easily have an incoming class of 50 or 60 - the interest is there - but we simply cannot accommodate this number this year. Next year we hope it'll be a different story: we are trying to build another building with suitable classroom and lounge space. I'm not gonna complain, though. Every day the school continues doing what it's doing, is a great one. But we continue to rely on the generosity of benefactors. We could really use a couple of big ones - if you want a building named after yourself, or your favourite saint, why not give a hundred thousand dollars to this great Catholic school?

My Work Shop and Miscellany

I have never taken a picture of the inside of my workshop for fear of internet-inspired robbery, and then I realized, I really don't have much that's irreplaceable. It's valuable to me - I know how to use these second-rate tools to produce something good with them - but my stuff has little objective monetary worth.
It's a bit of a mess, yeah, but that's because there's a lot of action going on it there. I always have something going on. In the lower picture you can see that I'm stripping and refinishing Anne-Marie's dresser. I put all new drawer-rollers in it. It's eleven years old. I hope with these upgrades to get another 11 years out of it. The surface has been scraped-up from the 8 to 10 times we've moved during our marriage.
It's great having your own workshop, even if it's small and humble. I'm grateful for it; it's what I've always wanted.
Years into the PhD I realized that my brain needed some variety of stimulation. I was just naturally drawn to this kind of creativity. If you don't think it's for you, just try reading books non-stop for five years and see what happens. I've learned quite a bit about wood over the years. Creating something useful is very rewarding to me.

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