Sunday, August 1, 2010

There's Nothing Good on the Internet Today!

So I'll have to make my own fun.

I Saw a Movie

I usually see about one a year in the theatre, since the closest one is 60 minutes away. I was dropping off my mother at the airport in Ottawa, so I thought I'd take the opportunity  to take one in. I had heard good things about Inception, especially from Stephen Graydanus, the Catholic movie reviewer. He is usually spot-on, but I think he must have over-sold this one to me. You are always disappointed in a movie you expect to be good. It was just okay. It started at 6:30 and it finished at 9:00. I like longish movies; you want something for the $10.75 you are spending. Anyway, see the movie if you've got nothing better to do. We are desperate for amusement, aren't we?

Anne Rice

And other things yawn-worthy. No one was really excited when she converted (despite herself); no one's too upset now that she's done the most original thing in the world: 'chosen Christ instead of Christianity.' That's called Protestantism, some blogger somewhere has aptly put it. I must say that I was not totally bored by her 'Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt' novel. And that's saying something. What's next for her? Probably nothing great. So-called 'Christ without the Church' usually ends up as inconsequential 'spirituality.'

It's August!

Which means only a month left of summer. That's okay. It's not a very productive time, although it is a nice period of rest and recuperation. I like routines though. The kids have two more weeks of their swimming lessons, and I'd like to set the tent up some night for them, but I really don't have any more big things planned. The biggest things this summer were a quick trip to Toronto and Grandma's visit.

I Fixed the Weed-Trimmer

For some reason the chord wouldn't pull, so I decided to take it apart to see what the problem was. You never think you'll be able to fix the problem plus actually put it back together in working order. But I did! A victory for academics everywhere.

A Worthwhile Topic

I have begin reading:

It's pretty good so far. I was hoping for, but not expecting, good things from it. The problem with books on Mary is that they are usually not very scholarly. This one seems okay so far. It's a collection of essays on aspects of these two topics.

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