Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Afternoons are for Blogging

Picture it, if you will: me sitting in my comfortable, if not slightly tilted to the left easy-chair, paint-stained shorts and comfortable, unbuttoned golf shirt, cup of coffee finished, dishes washed, belly full of toast and eggs, beside me, air conditioner blowing (not that it's all that hot), bright sunshine coming into the room, computer on lap, eradicating future Kerr kids. The kids are doing something - who knows what. Wife laying on the coach across the room. Lap getting warmer.

It's great to be alive.

Things are gonna change in this world on account of the blogosphere - I am not joking. I think it's gonna be a real asset in the hands of thinking people, to combat the oppression from liberalism. While leftees control the media - they do not control the internet. We cannot surrender it. I won't.

But bloggers too need to be responsible. I know thetheologyofdad ticks people off sometimes. They tell me so. If I sometimes lack info., I never lack a good intention. Nevertheless, it is important to be fair. Information is power, misinformation can be very destructive. I've seen rumours fly about in this small town of mine, this small school of mine, this small Catholic world of mine. Sometimes rumours about me. What can you do? I learned a valuable lesson when I was 16. I worked at a bingo hall, and one day when I cashed out I was short $20. I would never steal, but I knew for a fact that some of the employees did - they took bingo cards, etc. That cast a pall on all of us. But I didn't take it; I never would. I realized all a man has sometimes is his record of good deeds to speak for him when words cannot. The Golden Rule tells us that we must do this for others as well. If we don't have the details, just think the best of the person. That is one of Archbishop Prendergast's most oft repeated maxims: put a positive interpretation on things. I like to attack generalities here at thetheologyofdad. I try not to attack individuals, as much as I'd like to sometimes. A certain bishop is really getting on my nerves, but you won't hear about it here, folks.

Well, my kids have reappeared. It seemed like they were in that wardrobe for years. Where'd they get those swords and bows?

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