Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Takes Monday Morning (The Man's Way)

1. My friend Elena is in labour! Please keep her, her new little baby and the whole family in your prayers! This is their fifth. I guess we'll have to have another now...

* baby was born safely and healthily today at 3:32! Thanks be to God!

2. Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary is tops with me. A great Catholic convert, who is not bent on impressing people with her super-Catholicism. A recent post features a picture of what I take to be a favourite of hers - a vodka cranberry. It must be toasty this time of year in Texas. Keep it real, Jennifer!

3. World's greatest brewmaster - Dr. Ryan Freeburn of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy - should go into business for himself and leave the antiquated discipline of history in the past where it belongs. A visit to Ryan's is always a rewarding experience. I could think of a few names for his new corporation.

4. Fear is no excuse for lack of manners. Upon walking by a house in which my youngster, Stephen, was convinced lived a scary monster, Stephen quoth, "Bye, gawy bonta!"

5. I commend to your prayers our friends, the Platt family, who lost their grandfather a few days ago.

6. If in the Toronto area in mid September, you should check out the Canadian Chapter of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars conference, entitled, "Science, Culture and the Catholic Church," at Loretto College Residence, 70 Mary Street, Toronto, Saturday, October 16th, 2010. Yours truly will be presenting on 'Augustine and Science.'

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