Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nuclear Power, Wah-hoo!

The story from CBC's website:

Chalk River Reactor Up and Running

The Chalk River nuclear reactor is back up and running. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. said the Ontario reactor is operating at high power and can resume making medical isotopes. The 53-year-old National Research Universal reactor at Chalk River, Ont., supplied a third of the world's isotopes used in medical imaging until AECL shut it down in May 2009. The shutdown came after scientists found a pinhole-size radioactive water leak. What was originally supposed to be a month-long shutdown dragged on for more than a year. Doctors have been scrambling to make do with an erratic supply of medical isotopes to diagnose cancer and heart ailments.

Chalk River is about 70kms from me as the crow flies. I know someone who works there. I thought I'd create a bit of controversy for my readers (in light of their excitement over my views on windpower), by saying this:

Next to windpower, nuclear power is the best, and we should definitely be putting more into it.

Nevertheless, for 'pinhole size leak' read 'gapping gash that nothing at Canadian Tire could patch up'.


  1. I have very little thoughts on nuclear power except: 1. Homer Simpson 2. I'm glad I don't live on the Ottawa River. But here's a blog for you to check out:
    The wife is a friend of mine from when I was a guest at MH. The husband is a convert and amateur apologist. Tell me what you think.

  2. Looks good. I will have to keep checking in on it.