Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Known Facts about Me!

I really like classical guitar music, although I have never taken a single guitar lesson in my life.

My favourite teacher ever was Dr. Cynthia Neville, a Medieval History Prof. from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My favourite colour is light blue.

I wanted to be an astronaut for all of my childhood. Hence, my mathematical imcompetence was a major source of anxiety to me. Nevertheless, in standardized testing in grade 8, I scored extremely high in math (90 percentile) and yet relatively low in reading etc. (60 percentiles, maybe, or perhaps even lower).

I am a recovering pyromaniac.

Until a few months ago I never shot a gun.

I prefer maple to oak.

I don't like relish on home-made burgers; dislike mustard at A & W.

I found one of my children's teeth in my pocket today.

Love "My Fair Lady."

I prefer Beethoven to both Bach and Mozart, I think.

Prefer La Vita Nuova to The Divine Comedy.

My favourite home-made foods are the last things I would ever order in a restaurant.

My favourite restaurants are Smitty's and The Keg.

My favourite poet is Alfred Lord Tennyson - and not because he has a cool name.

My favourite domestic beer is Keith's; favourite import (these days anyway) is Heineken.

I wear facial hair because I think my face is young-looking and chubby.

Still have not seen the movie 'Avatar,' and am still proud of that fact.

Believe that when I was around 13 I could hold my breathe for at least 2 minutes.

I met my wife in a church rectory.

I split the seat of my pants when Anne-Marie was in labour for Rebecca, and had to get scrubs from the nurse, and all the staff nurses laughed at me.

I am sure that I will come up with other useless facts about me some other time... Would love to hear some about you too!


  1. Dave loved the last fact about the scrubs. Dr. Cynthia Neville - a name that I had forgotten until today. I never took a class from her. My favourite prof in the history dept. was a tie between Stephen Brooke and Daniel Woolfe. Did you ever take African history with Dr. Z? If so, do you remember his actual last name? It seems to me that it would fit in around these parts but I can't remember it.

  2. You split your pants when Anne-Marie was in labour? You really like to steal the limelight, don't you? That fact DEFINITELY made me laugh out loud.

  3. Elena,

    I loved Woolfe, don't know the other two. I took African history from some weird woman, who thought she was so cool calling Johannesburg 'Jo-burg.'


    I also split my pants when I worked for Pinkerton at the Chronicle-Herald as a night security guard. I stood with my back to the wall for the rest of the shift.

  4. as for beer, you really need to try Clancy's amber, don't know if you can get it in Barry's Bay though. Some of the bars and restaurants in Halifax are serving it and I have now switched favs from Heinekin (sp). Although if you have split two pairs of pants, perhaps you should lay off beer entirely.

  5. You are right about the last point. Clearly. I'm not sure if I've had Clancey's or not. I will look for it next time I'm out, you know, shopping for stretchy pants.