Monday, August 16, 2010

21st Century Medici

* I glanced at my title and was horrified to think that someone might think I was applying the appellation 'Medici' to someone other than myself!

I was reading Fr. Raymond D'Souza's blog, and an article dated July 2nd, makes the following assertion:

Third, Canada has often had three cardinal electors (those under 80 who are eligible to vote in a conclave). With Cardinal Ouellet’s departure for Rome, there is now only one — Cardinal Turcotte in Montreal. Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto will likely be made a cardinal this fall. Given that Cardinal Ouellet’s successor in Quebec may not be made a cardinal — Cardinal Ouellet’s predecessor was not — it opens the possibility of a second cardinal outside of Quebec, where the Canadian Church’s current vitality and future potential lies. It is now plausible that Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, who has been given important global assignments in recent years, may join Archbishop Collins in being admitted to the sacred college. After all, it was Archbishop Prendergast who was at Cardinal Ouellet’s side in June during the height of the abortion controversy.

I have said just as much with respect to my friend and father, Archbishop Prendergast. I guess Fr. D'Souza's opinion is more expert since he has a wider readership than I. His comments got me thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Facebook thingy promoting his cardinalatial candidacy? It's not about popular election; it's about expressing our strong appreciation for him. I bet this would take off because he has been so supportive of youth and youth are the Facebookers. I will go to my Facebook page and see if it's easy enough to set up something like this. If I can't figure it out, or if someone can think of a good reason why I shouldn't do something like this (other than His Grace!), please comment below.

I have no doubt that His Grace will be made a cardinal, and deserves to be made a cardinal, and that the Holy Father intends to make him a cardinal. In fact, I believe that was the plan ever since he was appointed to Ottawa. Let us show a strong surge of support for a holy bishop who has done so much for us!

* Update: I just started the Facebook thingy. I'm no expert on Facebook. Go and look up my name and you'll find it, I guess. Please join the cause!


  1. As a member of the Facebook generation and a devoted follower since his days in Halifax, I would gladly join a group in support of Archbishop Prendergast!

  2. Awesome. Let me see if I can figure it out.

  3. Thank God the Vatican doesn't pay attention to such things...

  4. Hilary, you behave! vox populi non est semper malum.