Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stephen is Two!

Too much theology not enough dad. Here's some dad.

What a mixed 24 hours it was!

When my mom comes to visit, like all couples with pre-babysitting age children, we take advantage of the opportunity to go on a date. I had the idea to go to Huntsville. We were kind of tired of Pembroke, so I thought we'd go 30 minutes further and check out Huntsville. You get to drive through Algonquin Park - and I hardly ever see deer any more - and never any moose, so that was part of the draw.


Anne-Marie was feeling queezy before dinner. I assured her it was just hunger. It was not. So, we made a speedy return after we ate. After 24 hours she seems to be on the mend.

And, so, this great day, Stephen's second birthday, had his mom in bed most of the day, and me feeling under the weather too. I'm fine now, I guess. It was rainey in the morning, but cleared up to be a lovely evening. All finished well. There's nothing so lovely as the sui generis birthday experience of a two-year old. I'll let the pictures say the rest.


  1. Stephen's b-day reminds me of Joe's: entirely coached by his older siblings. Also, dave remarked that your date sounded much like one of ours - somehow foiled at each turn i.e. yay, we have a free babysitter ... but my wife is throwing up.

  2. Exactly. But you still have to be grateful! Boy was she sick!

    You are my new morning chat buddy. Lucky you.

    I have to say: I love Joseph. If he is missing someday, it's because I took him home. I will call him Stephen 2.0

  3. Love the photos! Love ya'll too. One of these days we'll get together for that family rosary and ice-cream get together Anne-Marie had in mind.

  4. Absolutely. We can't let the summer get away on all our good intentions!