Friday, July 9, 2010

Friendship II

I'm not naturally a great friend, in some ways. As a melancholic I take things very deeply and enduringly. But, on the other side, I am very loyal. So, in other words, in some ways, I'm a great friend. The previous post was the beginning of a tribute to some significant kindnesses I've received this week. I don't want to mention anyone here by name - they've all gotten emails of thanks. But I want to broadcast to the ends of the earth the kindnesses of the Lord through friends.

I know I omitted to mention it last post, but friendship (going by memory here only) is treated of in the Wisdom Literature - but I'll have to go back and confirm what exactly is said there.

As you know, I'm poor as dirt (my apologies, dirt), but what's dearer to me than that is friendship. It's said that one of the most important things to men is respect (to women, love). I can fully relate to that.

The Pope, Again

I read an interesting thing on the Pope, interesting in light of what I was saying the other day about him. I wondered how he was taking this awful past year. It's a comparison of JP II's hard jubilee year and the year for priests.

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